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The Blazingchilli Experience

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Our passion is mobile app development with a difference

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The Company

The Past

Hailing from the foundations of multi-award-winning global online IT businesses, Blazingchilli has evolved by taking it’s experience with technology and user experience; marrying it to mobile applications. In recent years Blazingchilli has successfully launched a cross platform instant messaging service, ‘Zing’ in excess of 15 countries in Africa.

Together with this, the corporate installment of the instant messaging service, ‘Zing 360’ was introduced to revolutionise corporate communication. Partnered with a powerful web administration tool, ZiNG360 offers predictable, low cost mass communication to enterprises via customisable communication Zones.

Leveraging off experience with end users in South Africa and Africa, mobile cross platform development, instant messaging and corporate solutions; Blazingchilli has become a powerful blend of knowledge, tools, and management expertise to make your mobile desires a reality.

The Present

The evolution of the Blazingchilli offering allows rapid implementation of mobile solutions on a single platform that spawns multiple operating systems with ease. As a mobile development house, Blazingchilli implements apps for Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Windows Phone and older Java based devices in a single development cycle. With the platform being compatible to over 3000 devices, Blazingchillii solutions are quick to market with an extended customer reach.

Our current offerings include general financial services apps, mobile banking apps, event apps and marketing apps, location aware apps together with our instant messaging and corporate communication apps; and supporting services.

In addition to this, Blazingchilli provides clients a complete or partial solution for their mobile requirement. Apart from mobile development, consider integration development services, cloud hosting services, app store deployment services or even business analysis and project management services. Get to market fast with Blazingchilli!

The Future

Other than fulfilling your mobile requirements, efforts are focused towards enhancing the Blazingchilli platform towards further shaping the fairly new mobile industry.

With the mobile user experience requiring a significantly different take from that of web and desktop, a substantial portion of Blazingchilli’s immediate future will be to utilize in-house and external user-experience and design expertise to grow the Blazingchilli user interface library beyond that of what is capable. The bigger the library, the better the user experience with rapid deployment to market.

The best way to get an idea of the Blazingchilli experience is to request a Proof of Concept whereby a demo app will be designed, implemented and presented to you using existing/proposed Blazingchilli platform components. Coupled with your brand elements and specific requirements, it is quite surprising what can be delivered in tight deadlines once core components are readily available.

Our Focus


Your Value Proposition

  • Additional delivery channel
  • Connect to a wider audience
  • Attracting multiple market segments
  • Feature Phones (Advanced and Basic)
  • Smart Phones (Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft)

Extend your Reach

  • Bespoke functionality
  • Get a mobile solution for your specific requirement
  • Marketing apps, insurance apps, mobile banking apps, online shopping apps…

Incorporate your Brand

  • In-house graphic designers
  • Constantly growing library of mobile components
  • Customised user experience
  • Tailored experience for your corporate identity


Consider your User

  • In-house user and design experts
  • Sophisticated compression algorithms enabling low data usage
  • Optimized for GPRS
  • Minimised battery drain

Engage your User

  • Instant messaging (chat) compatibility for real-time communication
  • Use this to increase frequency of app usage
  • Inbox and push messaging
  • Custom functionality

Consider Security

  • Loose/Strong user verification process (based on your requirement)
  • Combination of public and private (login based) sections in-app
  • All communication is encrypted


Leverage off Rapid Development

  • Shorter delivery time to business and users
  • Custom-built platform that reduces development time between multiple operating systems
  • Update the app instantly without the need for user downloads
  • Hybrid solution of server driven and on on-device content

Integrate to Other Systems

  • Integration components exposed for external development
  • Consolidate various backend systems / services into a single application
  • Leverage existing skills for integration

Experience a Complete Solution

  • App development
  • App store deployment
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Infrastructure management

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